ForestCoin a Crypto Currency designed to save the planet!


"You know all of the National Parks and Forests that our current administration is doing away with? Well, we are the crypto currency that is going to save our forests. So if you think that our National Parks and Forests are are important?  Then invest in ForestCoin.  Imagine a crypto currency that is dedicated to save the forests of our planet? 


produces oxygen, creates biomass, food, and has technology that can save our forests from irresponsible future fires, we will make these areas wifi and radiation free, because we have studied the damages that these frequencies can cause in nature and information has already been proven that it harm species reproduction. Dedicated to preserving species from extinction.  Welcome to ForestCoin."

We use our proceeds to buy and preserve Forests!

What gives our digital currency ForestCoin value?

 1. National Park - Rescue Program
2. US Forest - Rescue Program
3. Carbon Credit
4. Land and Mineral Acquisition
5. Wind Farms - Energy Production
6. Solar Arrays - Energy Production
7. Water Production from Air to Water
8. Forest Fire Prevention Program
9. Massive Bee re colonization project
10. Water & Power
11.  Land around every major city in the United States
12. Organic Food Network - Housing the Homeless Farms

Simply put, there is real value to our coins, in the property we protect, and in the sustainable energy applications that we have simultaneously designed near our forests.  These applications, provide water so that we will always be able to protect the forests that we acquire with constant water, while simultaneously providing water and power to the surrounding communities.  This water application helps make sure that our forests survive, for if they survive, we survive.

Organic Food Network

Housing for the Homeless Farms. Land will be acquired around every major city throughout the United States creating an organic food network, that the homeless will maintain through out the United States.  If the person works, they will be provided food and shelter, water, shower, power for phones, the ability to communicate with loved ones, a bed, and food throughout their organic food network participation.

Biomass through the Kiri Tree

Los Angeles Rainforest Project

Water & Power

Wind and Solar Projects will be implemented within 100 miles of any Forest location, using these sustainable energy applications to power our Air to Water, Inc. atmospheric water machines. These machines take the moisture out of the air which creates the cleanest water on the planet.  This water, will be used by the surrounding communities and forests. Using Air to Water's proprietary sustainable atmospheric de humidifiers.  Using only  advanced sustainable applications ForestCoin, will be providing sustainable Water and Power.  Using solar energy we will power ozone generators which will help reestablish the protection that O3 provides from UV damage.

ForestCoin is an international  group of proven
Forestry Experts and Environmental Activists!

A Forest Coin video from 2013, created as the answer to BitCoins non value added, towards the planet!

  Thank you for helping us plant more trees
Forest Coin Coffee and help plant a an almond, lemon, morenga, orange, or Kiri tree today!

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